Frequently asked questions

.Does it cost me anything for you to come out and look at my house?

  • No,
    Roofing and building surveys are essential planning and budgeting tools for all building owners. Our technicians can determine the condition of your roof and other building components, and estimate the remaining useful life. Life expectancy, along with budget cost for repair or replacement enables us to analyze the situation and assist you in making the best decisions.

    IFixRoofs highly skilled professionals are adept at surveying all types of building components and systems. We can tell you the predicted life of your current roof and provide a cost analysis to replace it .

Do you provide free estimates?

  • Yes, 
    IFixRoofs team of estimators and field technicians specialize in preparing construction estimates that are clear and concise. Our team approach allows us to take advantage of our staff’s varied background to assure that the estimate represents the best design approach to every project, meets client’s budgets and long term needs. Our estimates are so complete and accurate that historically we have had to make very few changes.


How do you find leaks?

  • IFixRoofs professional and technical staff is very knowledgeable in roofing, waterproofing, and all types of building systems. We excel in finding the leak sources and determining the cause of leaks, assist in temporary leak repairs as well as permanent remedial measures. For detection of leaks, we use all types of equipment available today. We also perform water infiltration testing for all types of roofs, windows, walls, storefronts, below grade leaks, plaza decks, and other building components. We use standard testing methods as well as our “Trade-secrets” developed in-house for locating sources of leaks.


Do you do good work?

  • Yes, That's what we're told by our customers.
    IFixRoofs has repaired millions of dollars worth of poor quality work done by the big nationally know companies. In our experience, over 80% of our repairs are due to poor quality work. Poor quality work reduces the average effective life expectancy of roofing systems, sealants and waterproofing systems by 50% to 75% of their optimum life expectancy. Annually, billions of dollars worth of roofing and waterproofing systems are wastefully torn off and redone due to lack of quality control during the original construction.

    Paying attention to the quality of work - as it’s being done - makes the most significant difference in the life expectancy of roofing or waterproofing systems. IFixRoofs provides both full-time as well as part-time quality assurance supervisors trained to fit the needs of each project. Our supervisors are highly trained in all aspects of building construction including roofing, cement plaster, sealants, and coating systems.


Do I have to sign a contract?

  • Not normally, but if you're more comfortable with that... sure.
    If you'd like IFixRoofs will provide a complete construction Contract for their work of the entire construction phase of the project. The proper type of contract and contract language enables us to fully understand the wants of the customer.


Who does the final inspection?

  • On roofing and waterproofing applications we use full-time quality work supervisors. We offer full-time work supervision to make sure quality work is being performed. In roofing, cement, plaster application, waterproofing, below grade waterproofing, window and storefront application, or other critical trades, quality work inspection is the most significant factor in reducing application errors.

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